YO! Watch it in Living Colour

Well, if you gonna cover a @livingcolourofficial tune one thing is for sure: you better have someone who can sing. So... Why not having Mr. @coreyglover himself?! How cool is that?! I have a history with @livingcolour and this is beyond crazy to me that I get to “play” with Corey. And even better to do it once again with my “online rhythm section partner” @ra_diaz (is that a thing now?) @suicidaltendencies and our friend @henryflury @butcherbabies
At a time when rock was increasingly looking beyond its own frontiers for inspiration, Living Colour's #vivid was a genre-mashing stake in the ground, taking hard rock, modern jazz, funk and soul and more and binding them together with an incisive political spirit. The Amazing musicianship throughout this music was incredible to take in. It was heavy and aggressive, yet improvisational and inventive. There was a groove to it and it was slamming in the assault.
One of my highlights was having @livingcolourofficial join us on Our European tour, it was one of my favorite tours. Night after night I would watch them Improvise and Create Music...it was inspiring. @ripmagazineofficial Lonn Friend @instadude74 Came out on that tour and gave us the cover, things were good.

Here is our Version of "funny Vibe" with a very special Guest @coreyglover I hope we did it justice. #funnyvibe

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