One Man RUSH Medley by Antoine Baril


Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril

Filmed by Gabriel Lariviere; Capteur de Rêves, Photos & Vidéos

Video Editing by Antoine Baril

Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada
in may and june of 2015

Music composed by Rush
(Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart)


- 2112
- Cygnus X-1
- Natural science
- By-Tor And The Snow Dog
- La Villa Strangiato
- Cygnus X-1 Book II
- Subdivisions
- Limelight
- Outro - Witch Hunt

Special Thanks

MSP Musique

Thanks for the incredible Sennheiser drum mics, YAMAHA Console and studio Monitors, KORG synthesizer and so much other things that make my life easier in my studio. Un gros merci Eric, Raph et toute votre formidable équipe!

Pierre Lafrenière; Thanks for the iconic '73 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass. Merci Pierre de me permettre de faire vivre cet héritage familliale qui représente tant pour moi!

Georges Bégin; Thanks for the outstanding '90 Gibson Les Paul Custom!

Steven Jean-Castonguay; Thanks for your awesome American Fender Stratocaster

Denis Houde; Thanks for the YAMAHA CS-15 synthesizer used for the 2112 intro along with my vintage Roland Juno 60.

Mathieu Roy-Lortie and Alain Marcoux; Thanks for the extra cymbals and drum parts that I needed to complete that gigantic 80's Peart's kit.

Martin Létourneau and Christian Rochefort; Thanks for the extra GoPro cameras.

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