"Presto Vivace" by U.K. played by Charlie Benante, Ra Diaz & myself joined by.. Jordan Rudess!

Here is one of the most insane pieces of music I've learned recently! This keyboard line is as challenging as learning Charlie Parker, Zappa, VH, you name it. I come in on the 2nd half, (thankfully I had Jordan to play along to- the guitar doesn’t play that on the original) This will stay in my repertoire for a long time as a warm up, practice piece. This SG ('09ish) felt best for this with the thinnest neck, easiest to maneuver. It's just a quick minute or so but enough notes for a much longer tune! Charlie Benante's idea (thanks Charlie, haha). Seriously, this was a super fun challenge and a pleasure to play with this bunch... From CB: "U.K.were a British progressive rock supergroup originally active from 1977 until 1980. The band was composed of singer/bassist John Wetton, keyboardist Eddie Jobson, guitarist Allan Holdsworth and drummer Bill Bruford who was later replaced by drummer Terry Bozzio. I can't tell you what their first 2 records and their Live album #nightafternight meant to me. The version of Presto Vivace from the Live album has always been a favorite of mine, it probably has to do with the Drumming of Terry Bozzio. I asked Alex and Ra to Rock this one out and they NAILED it. We needed someone to play this Crazy Keyboard Part, hmmmmmm... WHO? Alex Suggested Jordan Rudess, How AWESOME! Jordan Was into it and he also NAILED it. I hope you dig this Short But fiery Blast of Notes, Hits, and Just an awesome display of Musicians having Fun!" @charbenante, @ra_diaz, @jcrudess
#prog #progressiverock #UK

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