YO! For the Dave Z foundation - Kiss- c’mon and love me -Charlie Benante - Anthrax

Here is a song we put together to help remember fallen musician and KISS super-fan David Z. In an industry not always known for its quality of character, Dave Z shone like a bright light in the darkness. With every musical collaboration, from the arenas to the clubs, Dave forged lasting friendships, valued people over pettiness, never held a grudge and approached it all with a playful smile. This video debuted last night July 14th (3 years from his passing) as part of an elaborate and moving online fundraiser for David Z foundation, started by Dave’s brother @pauliezofficial. Paulie’s nonprofit organization helps bring music education - which has been discarded from most US school systems - to deserving kids. Visit David Z Foundation on FB to view the entire event with many great performances and testimonials (5 hrs worth!) and for info on supporting. While the three of us - Charlie, Alex and Ra - have done several videos of music that’s a bit more complex (Rush, Dave’s other favorite band), we enjoyed the chance to let loose by covering Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. “C’mon and Love Me” is a 70’s KISS tune full of swaggering macho male innuendo, but here it gets a feminine makeover, courtesy of our vocalist, the lovely Carla Harvey. We hope you enjoy this track dedicated to Dave Z, whose KISS fandom was, much like his own personality and musicianship, larger than life.

On July 14th 2017 the world lost an amazing musician and a beautiful soul when David Zablidowsky (known as David Z) was taken from us in a senseless and tragic automobile accident. Those that knew David knew how amazing the was as a person and as an artist. The way he lived his life was truly inspirational. He managed to succeed in the music industry, arguably one of the hardest industries out there, with sheer discipline, hard work and an unwavering positive attitude. He did this while avoiding the lure of drugs and alcohol and staying in peak physical condition. David had a unique mix of professionalism and childlike wonder that made him a joy to work with. Miraculously he climbed the ladder of success without making any enemies which is rare in this business. In addition to his work as a touring musician, David also loved education and working with young children. He love to share his knowledge with anyone who was willing to learn and always made you feel like the rock star in the conversation.

These are just some of the traits that inspired the creation of the David Z Foundation: a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises money for music education in memory of David. Our mission is to provide young aspiring musicians the proper tools needed to succeed in the industry on a professional and sustainable level. To help accomplish this, we have created the David Z Modern Musician program: an original music curriculum composed of three parts: individual instruction (The Lessons), group performance (The Band) and an industry/business class (The Workshop). The program runs for a full school year and ends with a live performance showcase.

The money we raise goes towards maintaining the program year round and offering scholarships to students to off set the cost of tuition. So far we have run the program two years in a row at the Brooklyn College prep Center which focuses on students ages 3-18. The goal this year is to start a DZMM program in LA as well and have them running on both coasts.

Video Editing: Dima Levanchuk
Audio Mixing: Nik Chinboukas

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