Alex Skolnick's "Planetary Coalition" - Part 2. Excerpts of tracks 5 - 9

A short video glimpse of five songs, tracks 5 -9 from Planetary Coalition's 14-track debut album, released 11/11/14. For tracks 1-4 click here: and tracks 10-14 click here:

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An ethnically flavored collective of diverse musicians from all over the world, Planetary Coalition is driven by the acoustic guitar of Alex Skolnick, whose work spans jazz (Alex Skolnick Trio), metal (Testament), and world music (Rodrigo y Gabriela, Ishtar)

“It started with a lone, handwritten sentence on a notepad, describing a musical vision: “An ethnically flavored collective of musicians from all over the world, driven by acoustic guitar and bringing together inspirational melodies, in-depth improvisation and the passion of the musical styles of Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin, East Asian, Mediterranean, Balkan/Eastern European, African and other indigenous lands.”

"The reality: coordinating over two-dozen musicians from five continents."

"Yet despite the numerous logistical challenges, Planetary Coalition has been guided by a single hope: that by weaving the threads that connect musical expressions with regional identities, we can bridge the gap between diverse cultures and people, and increase awareness of the ecological and social issues facing the planet, our island in the sky." - Alex Skolnick


"The new Planetary Coalition album is just sheer genius. World/jazz fusion, all-star cast, brilliant sound. "
- Dr. Brad Stone, JazzWeek Award Winning Host, The Creative Source

" The album is ear-magic."- Mister G, Host WSUM.ORG

"Fans of world guitar music, global tunes, and instrumental variations will love this new release." -
Matthew Forss

(Album artwork and video editing by Maddy Samaddar

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